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Get your location in munich now! Whether you plan a  corporate event, a company party, a networking get together or you need a place to have nice evening during the fair ( Messe )  . The Munich area offers unique opportunities. The prices of the locations here are often a lot more affordable than you might think. We take you by the hand if you are looking for a venue or a location for rent in Munich or need help with the planning, implementation and design of your Party.  So we are an event location rental in Munich, with that certain something. The planning and conception for private events as well as for business incentives. Due to our high booking volume we get  the lowest rental prices for your event! We will help you organize your event and additionally we will be present at the day of your event, to make sure, everything works out fine for you.  And all that - completely for free! Finding the right event location in Munich is easy thanks to our expertise. You tell us your wishes and ideas and we communicate them to the right locations. As event location rental Munich, we serve as an interface between the  location and you.

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We are my-munich-location, your professional location broker in and out of munich. Since 10 years we operate tourism services. And with our expertise, and knowledge we want to help you, finding a location in munich. Our Service is commission free! Instead-we even make you benefit from coupons and discounts!


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It is our vision to show you the beauty of bavarias capital city. Munich has so much to offer. We are here to make you benefit from our conections and partners. With us you can easy book a location for incredible prices, or get reduced prices in the best clubs of munich. We even provide coupons for lots of delicious restaurants in munich.




For our location bookings, we use easy forms and booking tools. We are a one stop provider for fast location scouting. With downloadable coupons and discount codes you get acess to best clubs in munich. We even provide an app with which  the whole process can easily be directed on the smartphone.

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Rent An Event Location In Munich

A business event is a mirror of your organization's reputation. There’s no way that you can compromise on the event location. There are so many things you need to consider when arranging a business event. If you don’t own a location in Munich where you can arrange your business event, then you will need to rent a location in Munich for your business event.

The Bavarian provincial capital is outstanding for its high recreation facilities. In Munich, summer celebrations are quite often a major factor in performance in employees.

If you are planning to arrange a business event and looking to rent a place, then we will take care of this and provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Event Locations In Munich For Your Business Event

If you are searching without any guide for event locations in Munich, you are creating an issue. Where would it be best for me to hold the event? In an ordinary place? What might be concerning for the guests? These are all the questions that might be sticking in your head. In numerous areas, offices and corporate buildings offer their venues for event rental. Also, regular eateries and cafés with adjoining rooms or event halls are available on rent for arranging business events.

Courses, events, workshops – you are searching for an event area in Munich, which gives adequate space while separating itself simultaneously from swamp standard accommodations – you will discover here what you are searching for. We will help you out to rent a location in Munich. Numerous meeting lodgings and event venues Munich stand apart from the crowd and give your occasion that certain charisma that you are looking forward to making your business event a success. It doesn't matter if you want to arrange your business event at the BWM Welt in Munich or hold your corporate event at a hotel – We will help you out. We know how to arrange the perfect event location Munich.

We Know What Sort Of Location You Need For Your Business Event Success


We will help you in renting a perfect event location in Munich to make fantastic events that leave enduring impressions. We provide you that seamless service to rent a location in Munich, which causes you to transform your occasions into exceptional encounters that lift your business achievement and have a solid positive effect. With our phenomenal rent a location in Munich service, we ensure event locations Munich that will captivate you and your guests. Regardless of how huge or little, we know how to arrange ideal locations for your business events in location Munich. Work with us for a special chance to make your special world to bring out your ideal show, corporate occasion, business event, and business meeting. We make sure to arrange the perfect location Munich

A Guide To Picking The Right Location For Your Business Event Location Munich

Settling on the best event place is basic to your event’s success. Before considering a location for an event in Munich, here are some tips that will be helpful for you.

  • Consider Your Target Guests
    At the point when scene getting ready for an occasion, one of the most significant snippets of data you should know is who your visitors will be and what number of guests you are expecting. While the sort of occasion will positively advise the location decision, one of the biggest constraining elements for event space is its ability to hold a particular number of guests easily. Ensure that you know how much guests the location can accommodate, as this will quickly confine your event’s success. You ought to likewise think about your guests coming to the event. Be certain that the arrangements reflect the occasion itself as well as the visitors' preferences and desires. 

  • Plan Your Event Dates Wisely

Check your schedule since timing will impact numerous choices, including your location of decision. After your list of people to attend, the date of your occasion will be the following constraining element. Professionals visit a business event, and they are conscious about their time, so make sure to plan the timing and dates wisely, so it does not confront other occasion dates and try to avoid peak hours. You should start location arrangement knowing where you and your guests are comfortable to come. 

  • Compute Your Budget 

With an open-finished spending plan, anybody can design an incredible occasion and have an unbounded choice of locations. Yet, more than likely, your budget is constrained, and you ought to know from the earliest starting point of what are your budget limitations.

  • Locate the Right Type of location 

The setting you pick must have a fitting space for the sort of occasion you are arranging. If you are arranging a business event, then your location must be well constructed and close hall, which supports multimedia for presentation and sound system. 

  • Consider Venue Services and Restrictions 

Apart from finding the correct sort of place of event location Munich, you will need to investigate the kinds of different administrations offered by the location and choose their incentive for your occasion. You also need to look into the limitations or restrictions of the venue. Knowing the restrictions before the arrangements will help you identify what you can do and what you cannot do.

  • Think About Reputation 

The foremost thing you need to consider is the reputation of the event venue and the quality of services offered by the management. This is generally the distinction between holding a decent occasion and creating an incredible occasion. How the event venue management deals with its offices, staff, and customers is vital to decide to rent a location in Munich.